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We advise businesses based on expertise and experience.

With relationships of all kinds we identify strategic partners offering

paths to new customers, enhanced services, and flexible capital.


Jeremy Babener

Founder & Consultant

Jeremy has helped companies grow at every stage of the business life cycle.


Business Strategy, Marketing, Law, Tax, Entity & Relationship Structures, Debt/Equity Raises

Jason Moungey

Consultant & Software Developer

Jason has managed small and large teams, taking companies from ideas to profit.


Business Strategy, Software Development, Executive Operational Management, Finance


A Practice Built on Testimonials

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Ethan Larson

Technical Lead Developer


I can’t imagine a better all-around business advisor. I was fortunate to work closely with Jeremy as general counsel, tax strategist, and marketing lead for my former company. He built strategic partnerships, developed unique business channels, and ran point with investors. He is extraordinarily capable of adding value to every project and team.

Gina Image 2.png

Gina Kaveny

Director of Business Development

Geffen Mesher

Jeremy has a natural talent for presenting products and services to different audiences. His marketing work demonstrates knowledge and quickly builds trust. I recommend him to businesses with the opportunity to work together – from what I’ve seen of his marketing and product development, he will quickly begin adding value.


Kristian Corbin


Corbin's Gourmet Seasonings

Jeremy makes the perfect business consultant. His intellect, good judgement, and broad experience in law, tax, marketing, and capital raising makes him a valuable addition to any business on any project.

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Cyndi Fuller

Senior Manager

Lindsay & Brownell

I would recommend Jeremy to businesses of all types and sizes. He invariably identifies the heart of a seemingly large-project problem and proposes a shortcut solution. What’s more, he can explain well and bring others onboard.


Jeremy improves everything he touches. I heartily recommend him for his capable advising, innovative product development, and strategic persuasion. My opinion of him, his knowledge, and professionalism cannot be overstated.


More Testimonials


Brice McKalip

Senior Finance Manager, New Business Investments

Intel Corporation

Jeremy is one of those rare people who adds value to any idea I bring to him. He starts his thinking from first principles and then advocates steps that are both simple to implement and often beneficial beyond the original problem area. His ability to simplify others’ goals has bettered results with friendly audiences and gotten hostile audiences to hear my message.